Commonly misused words...

Writing is a really hard task for me,
one issue is the misuse of words...

All Right/Alright
A Lot/Alot
Assume/As Soon
Bazaar / Bizarre
Breach / Breech
Censor / Censure
Cheap /Cheep
Cite /Sight/ Site
Climactic / Climatic
Coach /Couch
Compliment /Complement
Conceited /Concerted
Confidant /Confident
Copyright /Copywrite
Dessert /Desert
E.G. /I.E.
Exercise /Exorcise
Fair /Fare
Flair /Flare
Flaunt /Flout
Foul /Fowl
Hear /Here
Its /It's
Lay /Lie
Loose /Lose
Me /I
Moot /Mute
Naval /Navel
No One /Noone
Peak /Peek/ Pique
Per Say /Per Se
Raise /Rise
Seam /Seem
Sense /Since
Taut /Tout
Then /Than
There /They're/ Their
Vain /Vane/ Vein
Wary /Weary
Weather /Whether
Who /Which/ That
Whose /Who's

This list is a good start to help you better
understand my troubles. I promise there's more
I could add...anytime I blog, and you spot this
trouble, tell me!

So if writing is so hard for me, why do I write?

A voice is a very powerful tool,
my actual heard voice gets lost in the moment,
my writing voice gives me time to really think what I need to say...

Do you easily confuse words?
Does your voice work better in words?

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