Today marks a week since I met with my editor!

Red marks by the dozens, I absolutely love
her out reach, her thoughts on the project as a whole...

On that afternoon when I picked my oldest daughter up
she was so excited, wanting to see what the editor said,
immediately she questions all the red marks,
mom do all the red marks bother you,
are you kidding me,
English teachers always had hay days with my school papers.
This was always so hard on me.
I knew back then my love for writing,
but it just wasn't in a grammatically correct manner...
so I was always overlooked!

What I did begin to struggle with when I got home setting down,
thinking about the marks, the book as a whole,
my confidence I once had was no where to be found,
in fact I shot an email to my editor,
thanking her for everything, but there's just no way
I can follow through with the book!

My mind begin to swim like crazy, trying to find the answer
to help the crazy feelings,
feelings of no book in print!

This is when blogs like :

Commonly misused words...

Past tense...

Sentence fragments...

begin to surface, that's my mind swimming, working, researching,
finding talking, me writing to myself...

Last night, I helped my daughter study for a vocabulary test.

One of the words was style, the definition,
is the manner in which a writer addresses a matter,
revealing the writer's personality or 'voice.'
It is the result of the choices the writer makes in
syntactical structures, diction, and figures of thought.

More self talk, self write...

Stream of consciousness


Using Sentence Fragments Effectively

So did I answer myself...

Answer, stay true to who I am, unique writing and all...

Now I have to get busy editing the wedding pictures
I am in the middle of, then off to making corrections
my editor left for me on my book...

Do you struggle writing, losing your confidence...?

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