Fish bowl...

Pick one child up, waiting twenty minutes for another.

The car door opens, I ask, How was your day?
Did you tell coach you wouldn't be at practice?
Good Day, No, I didn't.
The door slams...

To my right, I turn, she, my daughter, walks towards the coach,
can't see her lips. See his move,
didn't read, he passes her.

Car door opens, she jumps in.
What did he say?
Oh, he wants to know if they will pull all of my teeth?
We both giggle,
I pull away from the school.

Traffic, bumper to bumper, red lights back to back...

Parking lot, I stop at the door, she gets out...

Park, me and my youngest daughter, walk to door, open...

Twenty by ten room full, thirty chairs full, five tables full,
magazines, sitting, homework, cellphones, texting,
talking, looking for parents, signing in, checking out,
opening doors, closing doors, calling of peoples names,
bathroom,pictures on faux finish walls, window,
sun shining in, voices, water, fish bowl,

Three by one aquarium,
my youngest daughter taps
on the glass!

I look up, from across the room, our eyes meet!

She walks towards me...

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