Camera Creation

Getting ready for a Halloween party in the Fall of 2011, I needed a camera for my costume.
The hubby wanted to go as a hunter. So I went as a wildlife photographer-his photographer, pretty sassy, right!? Being a wildlife photographer for real is something I would really love to do, but hey just alittle dress up will do for now!

I started with a wine box and a book from Hobby Lobby, painting them black.
As you can see, I had a picture printed and one of my lens out for alittle inspiration to pull this one off.

I also put the red rubber ban around the end of the lens.

Gluing the book and the wine container together,  I began to add other bells and whistles.
The neck strap is an old belt the hubby had in a bag for goodwill.

Being dressed as the hunter and wildlife photographer we were sure paid off in the warmth department. It was an outside event.
And it was COLD!!!

People kept mistaking it for a real camera all night! I didn't want to be caught
actually using one of my cameras due to the weight of them. That would not have been fun.

As you can see, I had to come up with a way to attach the belt to the camera base.
I needed to do this and it be really secure. I didn't want it around my neck pulling and tugging ripping the whole thing apart. So, I made like a braid type weave out of twine. This part inserted in the camera was secured with some really cool glue found in the craft department of Hobby Lobby and Walmart. It comes in a yellow tube. Actually in a post to come in a few days, I have a picture of it! I'll point it out to you then.
 I continued by adding the different bells and whistle by the different object that I had on hand that could pass for what I was trying to pull off. One being the circular dial, I used a waterbottle cap.

To bad we rushed out at the last minute and I didn't capture us dressed, yikes!

Let me know what you think!

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