Sneak Peek

Into my art studio, what's in the making....

Since my diving-in post back in August 2011,
I've been somewhat busy at work!
Well, with what LITTLE time my schedule
has allowed me! I was so hoping to do more
in my art studio than I have. But because my first
and foremost job is being a full time
wife and mom, I do my best to fill
those shoes first!

Family is everything to me...
I have a good sense of when I need to put
the paint brush, camera, writing tools down.

A lot of my time in the studio was not
just about creating but learning myself,
growing, learning new things,
being inspired, trying to really
find myself as a true artist. That when others
walk in the room they can see a piece of my
work from across the room and say that's
Ashley Murphy's.

And this is what I said to myself during
the beginning of this process,
"I might not always know where I am going,
but I find myself when I get there..."

Abstract has always been a favorite
of mine but I don't want to limit myself. I like messy.
I am learning messy can be beyond just
abstract! It has been so much fun! A great time
for learning while growing. I learned years ago
along my photography journey there is always
something new to learn. Kinda like life, I am
a woman who loves to learn new things in all
areas of my life. Because I know I am allowing myself
to grow! And when I grow, I am more of
that shinning light for others....

I am dedicating my art time to creating pieces
that resemble, "who I am, where I've been and
where I am going!"

As I continue to build my collection,
please pray with me that I will
find great sales outlet!
I am looking at Etsy, local shops, my blog, etc.
As I have said before yall, "my readers make me
who I am!" Thank you

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