Diving IN

It's a bitter sweet kinda thing
with my kids going back to school. We've
had the best time this summer and find
it so hard to believe
it's really over!

For me that means, I am diving IN...
deep into my art, something I've wanted
to do for a long, long time. Now that my first book
is finished and I put my camera on the shelf,
I feel so FREE and I am ready to move forward.

I hope you will join me!

Here is a picture of my newly updated ART studio...

This is a spare room of ours, we got an estimate
for closing a section of our attic in for a really cool
art studio, that I designed, but I just can't turn
loose of that kinda money! Most people think the
hubby is tight, but I am just as tight with money. I
find it kinda cozy to just make do with what I already have...
just like in the pictures below the shelves I am using are all things I've had.

One day while out shopping for shelves to help update
the ART studio, I started thinking. Thinking about the pieces
I already had, some were even in the attic, I pictured
the whole thing right there in my mind! So I left the
stores empty handed, except the containers!

Starting from left to right:
*the chair stack on top of the table was my grandmothers
*the table the chair is on is a old end table of ours
*the dresser is from hubby's childhood
*the actually shelf on the right is one I bought a few years ago that I just couldn't really find a home for until I moved it here, I realized I really did like it where it was.

I thought it all turned out really cool!

So moving forward, be on the look out for more artwork...


  1. school is bitter sweet for me as well but YES so looking forward to diving into more art this fall :-)

    lovely studio space!

  2. I really like your artwork. Beautiful and brilliant. I love learning from other artists. I actually found you from a suggestion on createspace. Just saying hey!

  3. Totally awesome B Sanford, thanks for stopping in!

    Amanda, thank you!