Art Journal Page 2

At the first of the summer the kids and I watched Justin Bieber Never Say Never DVD, 
it was really good. I even enjoyed it! 
From that moment on my youngest fell head over hills for Justin,
I spent most of my summer listening to his music and looking
for t-shirts he appeared on.

So when it came time for page 2 in our art journal guess what the theme was !?
Justin Bieber
The first page of our art journal went so well
that we couldn't wait to do page two. I let them pick the theme.
Justin it was.
We looked through magazines to find pictures of him
and then for the most part I just doodled! One good thing about an art journal
is there is no wrong or right way...

Art Journal page 2

I used a clipping of Justin from a magazine my daughter had
white and purple paint
my favorite black pilot pen
words from one of his songs, One Time

If you missed page one click here !

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