My first sketch since junior high

This Kiss...xo by Ashley Murphy 2011

This sketch was inspired by author, photographer,
artist friend of mine, Cathy Bueti.

Along my writing trail, I met several different
authors, Cathy being one. She actually published her book
Breastless in the City a few years prior to me.
Since then, she has moved forward
in the mix media art world.

I have enjoyed watching her grow as an artist this past
year. So now as I grow deeper in my art
she has inspired me to try new things while finding
just who I am as an artist!

My first week on this art journey, I sketched a face
for the first time since junior high. It was
inspired after seeing Be a Star by Cathy.

Be on the look out for other sketches,
I sketched one each night that week! Fun stuff...

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