having IT mAdE

Some days it's hard for me to wrap my mind around the whole stay-home mom thing! The little side business of author, artist, photographer just don't always cut it.The days like when the bills are piling up sideways like sardines kill me. It's all things my family needs and unexpected stuff too. I guess that's how the cookie normally crumbles. So I know I am far from having it made, people always seem to think the stay-home moms do!

My stark realization set in last week, when I broke a tooth, that I am far from having it made. Most of you know I am a former dental assistant, to break a tooth was so sad to me, that just doesn't happen to dental people right!? One of the many of benefits of working in a dental office is the dental work granted for you and your family members at no cost other than lab fees of course. For those who don't have dental insurance that's a huge plus.

Wow, now that was some deep thoughts about that!

Thanks for listening,
ashley :)

Are you a stay home mom?
If so, do you miss work?
Do you have it made?

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