Iris sketch

I am currently listening to Junelle Jacobsens The Art of Wild Abandonment workshop. I know your thinking how does this girl have time for this, but for me to have someone to listen to that thinks along the same line as me from a creative process just gives me piece to move forward on my own art. All while I learn something new along the way, right!? Junelle has a blog,
If you would like to learn more about her.
She is fantastic!

Here is a art journal page I did while listen to the first weeks project in the workshop! Junelle worked with multiple owls, which I loved, but I wanted to work on something in multiples of my own. One of the biggest things she encourages is pay attention to what's around you, being a photographer myself differently gives me that eye of training to find such stuff around me.

I share here with you an art journal page of an iris. The art journal used is the one I started in a copy of one of my books. Notice the rock trail and the background is the pine straw.

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