I may be FREE but it's not free to be told that!

March 7th I visited my liver doctor!
In 2005, he set me FREE, meaning I didn't
have to do follow up appointments with him any
longer that after that amount of time and no
reoccurring tumors on my liver I was good to go.

I've been back twice since 2005,
one being around 2008
and the other this year, March 7th.

Learning to live and deal with the fact
of surviving cancer and looking for and
waiting for signs or symptoms that it could
or may return some days can near get the best of you!

Luckily, my scans and blood work were
clear once again. Only if it was free to be told
that your free. The release of the anxiety of it all,
I'll pay for it! It ain't cheap, but I've got this.

I am very thankful for my husband who
understands and is willing to provide for me
through this life I have been handed.

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