I said God

Saying something about God in written words is easy.

Saying something about God to the guy at the cash register is a little harder. I handed him my receipt along with the item I was exchanging. We walked over together looking on a table for the new item. Once we found what I was looking for, I proceed to ask him about another item. We walked over to a shelf on the wall. 

This is a store I've shopped in for years. So knowing their normal sales procedure and knowledge of the products, I could almost guess he'd not worked there long. 

After helping me find the second item, I asked him how long he had worked there. His response, "about three weeks". By this time we were back at the register, I smiled nodding my head. "Oh, three weeks. That's cool." 

"Yea, my wife got me this job for now. I used to work at such and such police department."

My eyes lit up, "really". I proceed to tell him I was very familiar with that line of work as it's in my family. "Yea, the administration was a little off and I just needed a break." Expressing I understood, "will you ever go back into law enforcement?" He wasn't quite sure. 

It happened in that moment, I said, "You know, God could have been using the struggle to remove you from there. He could be pressing you on to something bigger and better He has in store for you. Don't give up on law enforcement. There's a need for it more this day and time than anything. I know it can be scary to be out there."

He nodded his head. We talked a little more, I showed him how to combined punch cards. Paid. Said, "You have a good day." Walked out of the store.

This part right here is between you, the reader, and me only. "He'd be better off on the road."

I know without a doubt God was using me in this guys life. This was a store, I typically don't like to go in. Simply, because it's way out of my way. It was something on my to-do list I set out to conquer. I could've gone any other day. He might not have been working another day.

God is good like that. He is tiny stepping stones for some of us. And big gaping leaps for others.

What a great opportunity to shine His love in this guys life. It's easy to share a word from God or even scripture on Facebook, on my blog, in a book, at church or Bible study. This was the real deal. I didn't set out to say this. It rolled off my lips before I knew it. I felt His empowerment. Hopefully, this guys soul ruffled with His spirit like mine did. 

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Act 1:8

I pray this equips him. And is used as a piece of his story one day. May he remember it for life. 

My thoughts are: 

This guy may have been saved as a child but not currently walking. He may have been out of church for awhile needing this reminder to follow Him again. He may have never had someone mentioned God to him and draw closer to knowing Him. Or he may have been already listening for Gods favorable voice and heard it in that moment. 

Go beyond what you normally do. Ask God to show up in places He wouldn't normally in your walk. Ask him to use you in others life in public in your daily routine.

Say, God. 

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