Seeing The World As A Non Facebooker

People claiming not having Facebook keeps others out of their business.

This makes me chuckle.

Facebook isn't how non Facebookers perceive it. 

There are boundaries. 

Every ounce of your personal business isn't poured out. 

Manage how openly you share. 
Choose what not to share.
Friend who you wish.

A few weeks ago, my Bible study class started a new study called Breathe by Priscilla Shirer. My precious Bible study leaders followed their heart in the direction the Lord called them in choosing what study to do next. The Breathe study is base off the Sabbath, not necessarily on Sunday but allowing yourself margins and boundaries daily to create tranquility for our soul. 

One of the first exercises suggest writing anything that holds too much control over your current season of life. I wrote, social media. Out beside social media, I continued writing, "I really don't like writing social media. I feel God uses me through social media." One of my natural strengths is balance and boundaries. When the study kicked off I wasn't sure it would be worth much.

The month prior, I held an online art auction. The money raised I donated for liver cancer research. My heart was bulging out of my chest claiming a break from facebook, social media. When we openly talked in class about the first exercise. I spoke up about social media. Most of the class could relate. We all agreed to challenge each others limit of social media intake. 

The first week went well for me. The second week one of my leaders suggest deleting the apps from our phone. It's been nice breaking free. The world through non-Facebookers eyes is amazing. I can sit peaceful at a red light. Usually, my thoughts race knowing what status to post next. Don't get me wrong. Facebook is a great outlet/platform geared towards being a writer, blogger, artist and photographer. The time away God is using to speak to my soul. 

He is realigning my time. 

How my time is freeing:
carpool is not spent scrolling FB/IG
I don't wake up scrolling social media
my mind is not constant spining for the next status or the next picture I will post
how many people liked my post/picture

Things I've done instead:
deleted old emails
deleted old pictures
deleted apps
organized apps
conversed with God deeper
take fewer pictures
relaxed my mind
enjoyed a day tailgating with friends/football game

My Bible study has a prayer wall. Once a day from my desktop I check in, then scroll through my home page and share blog post. Outside of this I am enjoying the freedom from Facebook.

Things God conversed with me:
stop taking so many pictures
a steadily check on social media is exhausting
listen to the season of your life
foucus on your writing
organize your writing skills
you've grown as a writer
the time will come for the final edits on you second book, even if it's after the first of the year when you mentioned to your audience/readers/platform it would be ready late fall

He used exhaustion from the online art auction to pull me in closer to Him. "Listen to what I have to say." Facebook is reminding you of everything you don't have. The walk closer to Him is reminding me of everything I already have-own, blessed with, growth, enjoy, born with, acquire etc. 

Discovering a social media break was worth the study to me.

When I wait you strengthen my heart. Psalm 27:14

How to know if you maybe in need of a social media break:
tired of seeing everyone's pictures
check it first thing every morning
look at it throughout lunch and dinner
don't hear what others are saying around you
sudden urge to take pictures of your every move
urge to show off only your highlight moments in life
urge to show off material possessions

My encouragement is to take a break.

Delete the apps from your phone.

Be free.


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