Old Prayers

Looking through old notes on your iPhone provides great words.

If I had to guess iPhone's we created just for me. No, it's really affirmation real people need real phones to manage real creations. This week I started looking through old notes on my phone. In an effort to manage my jotted notes. I printed several note pages. Then deleted them from my phone freeing space. Notes dated from the year 2014. A year I walked in the mornings at a local park.

Today, I share with you a set of prayers from the twenty-second day of September two thousand fourteen. These prayers are me literally praying to myself as people passed my or vs. I passed them.

Prayers for others at the park:

The lady who appears extremely overweight. I am thanking Jesus for ruffling your spirit to start walking. May you have many more days walking ahead. Share your story with others. This will provide them encouragement seeing your starting point to how far you've come. Keep walking!

The two ladies who met in separate cars. My "good mornings" as we pass are truly Spirit lead. As I rock out to my morning L3 Bible reading, I pray you can feel His presence.

The two jail workers working the parks grounds told by your overseer "stay right here" while I go to the store. God sees your obedient heart. Stick with it!

The man in the old Ford Ranger truck who lost your entire load of wood taking off at the red light. I pray someone stops to help you. May no one be harmed by the traffic.

Praying for others helps us forget self-interest and begins interceding wayward for our friends, family. Unleashing God's power to those we pass on a daily basis. Let's be world-changers together. Find someone to pray for today, even if they aren't aware of it.

Maybe your like one of these I've prayed for. I pray for you too. Hold your chin up and listen to what the Spirit is speaking over your life today. Happy Friday!

Do you pray for others?
Do you keep notes on your phone? How long?
Do you need prayer?

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