Source of Love

Exemplifying love is an all year reaction.

Many get wrapped up in the "he/she didn't do enough for me" mentality around February 14th, a day marked on the calendar representing love, Valentines Day. All of us want to see and believe we are loved. We want to be and feel special. 

A special person in our life doing things for us on Valentines Day like giving us flowers and a card is great. 

Then, I am reminded of the whole big idea where we are rooted in love and that is by our Creator. God is love. You probably heard those words before in your life but do you really believe them?

We as humans are unable to provide unconditional love from our own hearts. It's not a capability for humans. In fact it's impossible. 

Agape love.

Agape love is something only God can do. He uses us to express His love through us. See, He uses us daily! Think about that for a minute. Any time you express love He is using you. 

He is the One and only Source of love. 

We all fall short demonstrating sinful natures from time to time: selfishness, hatred, pride etc. 

That's when we seek His guidance to cleanse us each day. Ask Him to continue shaping and modeling us like Him. Because He is love. 

I want to love my spouse.
I want to love my kids. 
My parents.
My sister.
My in laws.
My friends. 
My Bible study partners, leaders, pastor, neighbor, people I pass in public, on the soccer fields etc. 

It is only through Him I can do this. Years ago, I learned to take my eyes off those around me. Of what they were doing for me and not for me. Making me feel loved or not. Now, I focus on the One. Until, I did this, me loving and me being loved was impossible. The pressure I put on myself and those around me was unmeaserable. Because they alone can't fully fill my love bucket. 

He tells us in His word, 1 John 4:7 Let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 

When we see ourself, when we see others, exemplify what love is….

patient-kind-selfish-thoughtful-not rude-not irritable-believes the best-not jealous-makes good impressions-unconditional-cherishes-lets others win-fights fair-takes delight-honorable- intercedes- seeks understanding-Jesus Christ-satisfied in God-faithful-protects-forgives-not lustful-responsible-encourages-makes sacrifices-motivation-brings unity-completes-celebrates godliness-accountable-God's word-endures-fulfills dreams-a covenant-etc.

we know they are of God and know God. 

Always pray for your heart first. Then pray for those around you, but remember not to get caught up in the he/she's not doing. You can't make others love. It's not up to us. And even when they do love it's not their love that completes us. Only Christ completes us. His love in us completes us and flows out around us. When it flows and those around us aren't full they must find their completion from Him alone. He is the only One who completes us. When you are full in Him and when those around you are full in Him, then you come together and the overflowing love is His sprinkles of love, the extra, good stuff. 

When He is fully allowed in our hearts (not halfway- one foot in Him and one foot in the world) we receive the Spirit of Christ. Not until then are we able to use love's real power. 

He tells us apart from Him, "you can do nothing". (1John 15:5)

The same power that rose Jesus from the dead is the same in us. (Romans 8:11)

My encouragement is you heard His voice today while reading this. 

He stills our soul. He leads us. Even when we might not fully understand and everything gets twisted up He will come alongside us to reassure us. He enlights us. He encourages us. He comforts us. 

May His calmness wash over you. 

Be reminded conviction is from Him. It is good. It is healthy. It allows us the smartness to turn to Him asking for His help. 

Condemning is not from Him. Clearly, it is the enemies way. The stupid way, we must put our foot down requesting to get out of our life. Just as being rush, pushed, frighten, confused, discouraged, worried, obsessing is not of the Lord. Anytime those pop up over our heart, mind and soul we must whisper a little prayer for them to leave. They are not welcomed in this place.

Biggest takeaway...

You can't do this on our own.
I can't do this on my own.
She/he can't do this on their own.

Your love for those around you maybe a simple pray this weekend, they will see Him.

I am glad the pressure's off me.
How bout you?

If you'd like to read deeper beyond this blog post. Check out this book, The Love Dare, on Amazon. I read this book years ago and my outlook on marriage change and I grew spiritually. 

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