Twenty Reasons

20 Reasons I attended my high school reunion:

1. Reunite with friends not seen since our 10-year reunion.
2. That's what we do right, attend reunions.
3. Connect with old friends face to face-beyond Facebook.
4. My high school peers were ones I did a large portion of life with.
5. Meet classmates spouses.
6. Hear about classmates parents.
7. Hear about classmates kids.
8. Feel the feeling of what a great job my parents really did.
9. A chance to dress up.
10. A date night with my husband.
11. Celebrate the wisdom in being a 20-year high school graduate.
12. Feel my dad's presence-he's been gone for almost 20 years.
13. Reminisce over old times.
14. Be with people who truly know my humor.
15. See people I may never see again.
16. Curiosity-who would show up.
17. Remind myself how far I've come in life.
18. Celebrate being alive-15 year cancer survivor.
19. Come to terms of aging.
20. Conversations with other adults.

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