Everyday Life Everyday Passions

Find ways to fit passions into everyday life.

Start by asking, "Is the to-do list more of things for family or more of passions?"

Asking hard questions, like such, sometimes can be a hard task. Further more, it can be an awesome time finding the quietness in daily converses with God regarding our questions. This can be done at the workplace, driving, standing in the coffee line or doing laundry. He speaks to us in more places than we'd like to think or give Him credit. Even in the shower, I often hear His voice.

Ultimately, conversing with Him provides answers to orignal questions. Questions often searched for answers along the way. Listen. Instead of blaming others around for why things aren't going the way we think.

One recent morning, I turned my iPad on while working on a small painting. My time was allotted in hopes to finish the project. Even though the buyer suggested "no hurry". I was in a hurry. Hurry is how I am productive. It's how I get the job done. The Ipad allowed me to listen to encouraging messages pretaining to writing while I painted. These messages are in a closed paid group called Compel offered by Lysa TerKeurst twice a year.

The night before, I jotted a to-do list. On the list painting was included with lots of other household family related things and other passion related things. Such as blogging, writing, editing, more painting etc.

When I noticed my time painting was up, I hurried downstairs from my studio. Each step, I heard God speaking LOUD and clear.

"It's more passion than family."

He was talking about my to-do list for that particularly day.

What! If I were using emoji's, I'd click on the face with two big open eyes, like what?!

The list laid on the end of the kitchen counter. I gradually walked towards it. My eyes wandered down the list. He was right. The list was more about my passions than my family. It clearly was right in front of my eyes. My hand pushed the list away. Backing away, I walked to my closet where I found my house shoes. Gosh, that sounds so old ladyish, "house shoes". But, I am serious, I went to get the shoes. They are tennis shoes. I wear these shoes only in my house. So that's why they are called house shoes.

While listening to His voice more, I begin doing household duties for the family.

He thanked me for listening. He told me, "I know you already know all this. I wanted to spend time with you."

Is He requesting your time?
Do you recognize His voice?

Listen while:
folding clothes
doing dishes
cleaning out pantry
making beds
going to the grocery
driving to work
on your lunch break
making lunches

My encouragement for you and I both, make our houses a home, make our houses a safe palace for others to come home. Balancing this with passion's can be tricky. I have no doubt He wants to carry out our personal passions. His quiet still voice helps balance each area of life.


  1. What an inspiring post! Sometimes I feel like my life is devoted to doing for my family and I get lost in the list... but then again, I think how blessed I am to have a family. And God always blesses me with my own time when I need it. Have a blessed weekend! :)

  2. Lana, I am so glad you stopped in reading this post. I adore my readers. Glad you found inspiring. It is tough being a mom finding time for us. As you said, He provides. Great day to you too friend, stop in anytime.