Great Grandparents House

This is my daddy's side of the family,
that's me in the pink shorts, front row,
arms cross, I remember this day perfectly!

Every other Sunday we would travel
about an hour from my childhood home,
give or take, to my great grandparents...

Lots of memories...

So this week, mother and I,
along with my kids, set out to find
this old house.

Mother warned me the night before,
when we were finalizing plans to drive out,
the house might not be there anymore.

What? your just now telling me this, we have
talked about doing this for months now. I never dreamed
it wouldn't be there...

We find the road, after passing it,
turn around, start down it,
in that moment... I knew this was the

So I hop out of the truck
get my camera ready, the first two
pictures are what you see when you
start down the road, look at the moss,
hanging from the trees, as a child I loved that stuff!

So we round the corner,
there it was...

I couldn't believe it, it was still standing...
I felt like alittle kid again, who lost something
special and found it!

The other side view, see to the right of the picture
a tree, that looks broke off, weeds are something
growing in the top of it, well that's the tree
we are all standing in front of in the old picture
at the top of this blog, it's broke off!

After looking and viewing, the kids asking
hundreds of questions, I was worried if someone lived
in there they might come flying out with a gun or something,
so we would drive off and come back, taking more pictures.

Mother already said if she saw someone, she was to
talk to them, even if it was from across the street.
But we were done, I turn the vehicle around.

I spot a lady, sure enough it was the lady across the street,
walking out, as we are about to drive off, leaving, ending our trip!

Mother jumps out before I can even stop the truck...
the lady was so nice, she owns the old house, uses it for
storage, we talked about old times, it's been at least twenty years,
the lady knew all about my family, mother teared up,
it was kinda sad, it was good times with my daddy!

Remember back in the spring I shared pictures of trees
I talked about my grandmother driving me to the county,
this was the house...

p.s. the lady told us Katrina blew the tree in half...
p.s.s. mother has moss now in her trees, just like in the trees here
it's not the same...

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