Wait patiently with me

When I want something,
I am the type of person who wants it right then and there,
quickly I remind myself of patiences,
so while I am practicing patiences
this time, I'll let you
look at what I have been looking
at for weeks...

a copy of what my editor has in her hands...Daddy's Briefcase

I know in the end it's going to be worth it,
not only for me but YOU as well...sSSHh...don't tell
but somedays I just want to run, say forget it!

how's your patiences?
how do you handle patiences?
does it pay off?
what have you been patient about?

I've been left on my toes
with my eyes wide open,
to continue my patiences not
only on this project but on a daily basis
in every angle of my life.

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