Who have you inspired lately...

My sister sent me these cards,
the past four months we have talk
about stuff we haven't talk about in years,
or ever talked about, ways I feel about stuff,
ways she feels about stuff!

This life I am living is not easy, and has not been easy!

Last week the conversations got alot deeper,
she saw and heard a deep piece of my heart,
two days later I got these cards, not one,

I was completely knocked off my feet!

Life is hard for all of us, who have you inspired lately?

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  1. Hi there!! I found your blog and wanted to introduce myself and share about my blog (www.canswercolumn.blogspot.com) because you're the only other person I've met with FHC and it just thrills my heart to finally meet someone else who understands completely my cancer (though I truly hate that you have it at all). I was diagnosed two years ago, five days before my twenty first birthday. Anyway, thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures in a blog...YOU have totally inspired me today. :))