Where did you leave off?

June 18, grab my calendar,
a day I blogged for the first time in a month.
Secretly from that day,
I challenged myself,
blogging each day for a solid month...

I was to do this regardless of what got in my way!

Jump start, the first part of the challenge
went great, topics begin to pop out of no where.
Unfortunately, on July 10th, eight days from the end
of the challenge, I realized there was no blog for the 9th,
for what ever reason, there after my computer had to pay a visit
to the doctor!

Just how I feel in life, some days... things always tend
to get in the way! When life gets hard for me
or the ones around me, I personally have to find
that enter strength to keep on keeping on!

Do you set challenges for yourself?
Do things get in your way?
Do you give up?
Or do you continue on, even through the troubles?

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