Random thoughts

Do you ever wonder
if your not following someone on
instagram, but your following them on
facebook you might be missing something!?

I wish you could put a CD in
your ipad to download music!
This whole icloud thing has it's

I really love it when someones
facebook status inspires me,
reminding me to be the better me!

I don't get on pinterest near as much
as I first did!

Getting an iPhone and having instagram
is the best thing creatively that's happen
to me!

I want to teach an online mix media art class!

I want to write another book, something
really inspiring, fictional that's not been on
my books to write list already!

My new favorite food is broccoli,
red and yellow bell peppers stemmed!

I am glad I've never had to rid negative
people from my life, only because I never
let them in in the first place.

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