To write, To teach

I am at a point in my life of wanting
to find a balance. A different kinda balance,
a balance that will fit my life at the moment
of being the stay home mom that I am.

One reason I rid photographing weddings,
by putting my camera on the shelf is the amount
of time it took away from my family on Saturdays.
Needing to find something more to do during
the week while every ones at school and work.
No ones getting married during those hours,
well at least not in my neck of the woods!

So for the past year after launching the sales
of my book (a tiny glimpse of inspiration of
my life already) I 've given myself alittle
free play time, still in the art world
with paint brushes, canvas, journals
etc. but I am thinking it's time to
move forward into alittle more.

More being one of two things or both:

1. writing another book, something fun,
something beyond what I've mentioned
in the past I would do, my list of books to write!

2. teaching an online art class, a personal
mix media art class.

Writing a book from my already list would
require me rumbling in some old emotions
and because I've done that with my first book
and the point I am at in my life I am thinking it's
not healthy. Being called to do something alittle more
fun, alittle more of a challenge, away from something
I am not so already attached to, I need a place
I can dream, dream and be free! A relaxing playground
yet that would still be inspiring to others.

I already have an ISBN number
I already have the knowledge, the in's and out's
of publishing a book. (layout, design, print, proof)
I just would need to plot out a good story,
have lots of time for hours of writing, have an editor
on stand by, etc.

I've always wanted to teach something, something
I am knowledgeable in. Teaching an online mix
media art class would so be up my alley. It would
be video classes taught so that the students could
work at their own pace in the comfort of their
own home. All I would need is a good video
recorder, editing, uploading videos, have private
class access, a private facebook group-for students
sharing class work, plan the class, create prompts,
etc. Even though this may seem like more to do it's mainly
because I've never done it before. And boy, oh boy, do
I love a challenge, a time to learn something new.

My thoughts are what do others think!?

Which one should I do, or should I do both!?

Tell me, tell me....


  1. I'm leaning towards you doing the online art class because of "2 things." 1. I don't want you to do anything that may be unhealthy for you. 2. You would totally rock at that! :)