Twenty Five Pages

Waking up to a cup of coffee
in hand, a bird concert while you
swing on your front porch swing and your
dog laying at your feet as you
swing back and forth softly is
my kinda Saturday! #godsbeauty


Last week I announced on Facebook
and shared a picture of the writing
of a new book of mine.

"✋❤️my attempt at starting the writing of a new book
#letsseeifthisworks #achristiannovelinverse
#letshopeitcomesout #amiupforthis #summerwork ❤️✋"

A week later, I already
have 25 pages written. For me
I am thinking that's pretty good
but it's going to take a lot more "twenty fives"
to complete this project.

So far tho, I am feeling pretty good
about it and plan to keep moving
forward. Lot's of thoughts, scenes,
and case scenario's running through my
mind. Like little bitty picture clips piecing

I've been reading A Million Little Ways
by Emily P. Freeman over the last month.
Which has been perfect
timing for me, she talks about how others art
inspires the art within you. And does the
world really need another song, or
another book ect. Not really but the world
needs you to come alive and you need the world
to come alive…
alive in Christ.

When your awake, alive, you just might be
that very person that awakens the art
in the person next to you… Your art will
not look like theirs nor will theirs look like

I thank Emily for having the courage to
write her book to share her heart to open
someone else's heart. Two years ago
I would not be sitting here telling
you how I am writing another book,
simply because I knew then as
I still do to this day the timing
wasn't His. I walked a few other
roads to get where I am today.

For that I am very thankful,
He brought me out into the world
more, experiencing more and meeting
more people. Developing new
positive godly friendships…

He brought me from dark to light…

I encourage absolutely anyone to read
A Million Little Ways! It's not just for the
artist you know you will never be, because
rightly so you will not, but it's for everyone
to break free and realize we all are
making art right where we are
every single day in a million little ways…

I am very passionate about the very
truth behind all that and have expressed
it before…we all create art in some form!

I am all smiles…

Things in my sight this week…

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