I'll take it!

My little World Cup lover and me headeding out for 
an afternoon ride on her John deer. Notice
the smoky smudge look to the picture.
My phone was inside while 
we played a game of 
around the world
before heading out. I ran inside to grab my phone.
When I asked if I could take our picture she 
said yes when it's usually a big fat NO!

I took her up on it not caring about the smoky smudge look.

She carried me to the top of our neighborhood as we call it. 
The above picture is the first lake we came to. A
storm was coming up. We actually saw 
a few strikes of lighting out.

Below is the second lake we passed.
Notice that same cloud.

Below is a few little wild flowers I got her to stop 
and let me snap. I downloaded a new photography app,
Afterlight, today using it to edited these pictures. 

I recently took Alisa Burkes the art of blogging class. This app was
suggested in her class. I think I kinda like it…
All of these pictures where taking with my iPhone 5 hope 
you enjoy! 

It's raining now…

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