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My kids tend to watch tv series on Netflix these days where it used to be dvd'. Not being a big tv person I've really never fell on that bandwagon. Until this summer, I was actually catching up on a few missed episodes of the Bachelorette this season with Andi Dorfman (I think tonight is the final rose we will see). The Bachelor and the Bachelorette are like the only shows I've watched in ten years. Okay, and American Idol. Kids will do that to you and you just get used to it. It becomes your new way of life realizing what you can really do without, tv. By watching the episodes on the abc app, I was able to get up to speed. 

Along with Mistresses, which airs right after the Bachelorette on Monday nights, I know both of these shows have way to many making out scenes. But the story lines are great and sure beats the Orange is the new Black series on Netflix. Blah! No human should be watching that show…

 Once I was fully caught up on those two shows, I was looking for something else because I kinda enjoyed that entertainment of wearing my cute little pink sony earplugs watching a show blocking the outside world out, me time. I like to be fully engaged watching and hearing every little bit. The ear plugs did the trick. I glanced at a few other tv series like Heart of Dixie and The Glades both a no go. It takes a lot to pull me in whether it's reading a book or watching a show. I've always been like that…

Moving on from Netflix I jumped on to Amazon Prime app, that's where I found the tv series Suits. For this little southern girl it did the trick. It kinda keeps you on your toes up close and personal on serious matters among a law firm along with the relationships between co workers. It kinda helped the fact it's filmed in New York City. We traveled to New York City this summer, actually a week ago, for my oldest daughters graduation gift. We had a blast, a lot of people but a lot of fun. 

Suits airs on USA Network and is currently in the fourth season. 

I am only on season three. Actually I could finish it up in no time and be caught up but I really don't want to because then I wouldn't have much to look forward to through out the week. And dragging out what's going to happen next is so amazing. The suspension keeps it real!   

Guess you can say I am getting my tv life back… #thereshope

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Have you watched Suits before?
What tv series are you watching?
Have you been to New York?

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