Brown Bag Placemates DIY

This project turned out to be more then I had anticipated. One day leaving the grocery store, after using the self check, I saw brown bags laying on the self above the self check out machine. I grabbed four brown bags with the intent of using them for an art project. Sticking them back for the perfect day. 

Mother came out one Friday. Friday's this summer have been classified as fun Friday here at the Murphy Lodge. So what a better day than to pull the brown bags out. I told mother and my youngest daughter, my oldest daughter was at work, we were going to do a simple paint project. I ran up stairs to my art studio grabbing a few paints ect., there's a supply list below. Returning to the kitchen area, mother doesn't do well on stairs, I placed a paint cloth over my round kitchen table. 

Instructing them to use the paint with their finger tips painting different colored squares all over the brown bag. No certain order and no certain amount of squares, just paint! 

A few moans and groans later, I always seem to get those when I suggest us do an art project, the paint was dry. We then out lined the squares doodling a little here and there with a sharpie and a white out pen. 

This project was clearly intended to be a passer by of time merely painting abstract on a brown grocery bag. Once we were "all finished", I proceed to clean our mess up by taking up the paint cloth. I instantly laid the bags back on the table telling mother she needed to take hers home. When I looked back at the table once the cloth was gone with the bags laying back in their exact places we worked on them it hit me "those look like place mates". Mother was walking by quickly blurting out the same thing.

So there you go a project turned out to be more than one could anticipate. 

Place mates made out of brown grocery bags!

Truly a diy project #brownbagplacemates

Above: before                     Below: after

My older daughter days later painted hers to complete the four. They are still on my table. I'll keep them for a while longer. My youngest tried to take hers up, turning it over, anything to get me to get rid of it. I think they are cute adding extreme playful color to the room. The center piece belonged to my grandmother. She made it years ago along with many, many other ceramics. 


Brown paper bag from local grocery

any 5 paint colors 

I used
lime green

a white out pen
a black sharpie


Have you created a brown bag place mate before?

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