Prayer Hanger

Today marks a week since 
a friend of my daughters 
she just graduated high school with
had surgery to drain fluid 
off her brain. 

After an accidental fall 
involving hitting her 
head further testing 
was done revealing the fluid 
on her brain.

In addition to the fluid, a tumor 
was found as well. The tumor is located 
in a position making it non 

We went to the hospital the 
day of her surgery. I stood in the hallway
talking to her mother while my 
daughter and another friend 
went in to ICU
to visit her.

Her mother and I briefly 
spoke about the occurring events
of the course of the last week of their lives.

She asked me to be in prayer with 
them the tumor would vanish. 

I firmly felt lead to share with her my feelings 
as well as my prayer. The sudden urge to share was 
my confidence in our ultimate healer. Feeling His presence, 
I felt certain to share with her that upon further 
testing in the further I believe
the tumor will have vanished. 

Be in prayer with me…

I made this little sign 
right before we walked out the door
heading to the hospital.

The cardboard was pre cut by myself sizing 
3x3. I quickly looked in my paper scrap bucket. 
Maps always jump out at me so I grabbed a 
piece. It didn't feel right. It was not of
good sizing for this project. Turning back to 
the paper scrap bucket I saw a larger size 
piece of map. I laid it on the cardboard 
and firmly pressed where I wanted the 
map to be torn. I tore it placing it perfectly in the center 
of the cardboard with a slit amount of cardboard 
exposure all the way around. I used matte decopage to 
securely glueing the map to the cardboard. 

I covered the empty space of cardboard 
with a light turquoise acrylic paint using my finger 
tip. See in the picture below it's dried
on my finger tip.  

I carried this project down stairs out from my studio
bring my bucket of markers. I used a red marker
creating a heart shape largely in the middle of 
the map piece. Doodling around the heart 
with a yellow and placing #pray4ak with a 
black marker in the center of the 

Topping everything off I used a piece on twine after 
poking two holes in the top of the cardboard with a kitchen knife. 
That's why I came down from the studio. I couldn't find 
my blade I normally use. Hubby's right I craft 

This project was fun, easy and fast. 

Completely honored to make for a great person, 
a great cause. I love this precious girl as if she's my own.


Funny story to add with this. My daughters other friend
met us at the local grocery. They wanted to run in and get 
flowers along with a card. I waited in the car. When they 
returned my daughter set the flowers in 
the floorboard. I notice they looked different.
I leaned over to touch them. They were artificial!

"Oh honey" I explained "these are artificial". They claimed to 
have been talking while flower shopping not even noticing. Off 
they went back in the store to return the artificial flowers. When they 
returned to the car a beautiful basket of red, white and yellow 
flowers was in my daughters hands. It's was perfect. 
Only they still didn't get a card!

The next time you set off to visit 
someone in the hospital or for any matter 
really consider making a sign for them letting them 
know you are praying for them. 

You save time and money making for a more 
meaning gift they can keep for a life time. 

The sign was hung in her hospital room and 
even made it's way in a collage picture of her 
coming home from the hospital her mother posted on Facebook.

Still praying…


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