Wednesday Words

Here's a peek at my words flowing on to paper…

(there's no order, rim or reason, I write when feeling inspired to release)

keep your head up
keep your heart strong

some people have to walk through things in life to feel, experience Gods presence in their life. Going, doing, being, being around people pumps His spirit inside them allowing them to fully come alive in Him to bring full glory to Him for the works in their life…

there comes a point and time in your life you have to listen to the talk between you and God and let others voices of disaster fade to a non existence sound way in the background while you walk bold, loud holding a very confident heart knowing all the places He has had you walk over the course of your life this far… #bebrave #washthenegativetalkout

looking back at pictures from a fast pace event holds so many precious moments still in that unforgettable moment for a life time #takepictures

there was appoint in my life when I saw every ones art, life, better than mine until the day many of roads later He revealed to me the beauty He had and was placing in my life preparing me to release it to the world bringing me fully alive in Him #clapclap

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