Bird Feeding

Take that squirrels! 

Last week, I was waiting on my mother to arrive.
She was coming out to spend the day with my
youngest daughter and I.  While I waited on her I got
my bird feeder down from it's hanger.
I could see for the past several days it was in major need
of being filled up. 

The last time I purchased my bird feed, 
at Lowes they had this handy 
dandy plastic container at a 
really good price so I grabbed it up. 
It works perfect to place your extra feed in 
for storage. Also the pour out is super easy and easy to handle. 

What I really like most about this feed
is the squirrels don't like it. In fact, it says it on 
the package which is great for where I live. 
Years ago, my husband and kids hung my first 
bird feeder for me on Mother's Day. By the next 
day all the feed was gone. We would fill it up again. 
The next day gone! After researching we found this feed 
at Lowes. It cost more than I'd like to spend but sometimes 
you have to pay for what matters.

Since last summer spray paint became my
new best friend, I took the turquoise spray up on
adding color to my bird feeder. You can see above
how it's chipping away but I kinda like
the look.

Once I filled the feed
and finished up the pictures,
I peeled that annoying sticker off the side
of the container. I left it so you could see the information.

Do you have a bird feeder?
Do you like the color turquoise? 

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