Flipping pages

My mom always saves the wedding issue of the
Mississippi magazine and this year she brought it
to me about the time my oldest daughter was graduating
form high school. So I am just now getting to it.
 Flipping through the pages makes me think of all the weddings 
I photographed over a course of ten years, the people I met,
the experiences I had and the lives that touched me
as well as me touching theirs.

Saying all that confirms I miss photographing weddings, 
I miss those times but I am also very thankful
for where I am at in my life. Times move on
and we have to go with it to receive
 the next set of blesses that await us.

As I continue to flip it makes me think of each 
of the precious young couples and what life will 
bring them during their married life. I pray for each 
of them as well as anyone entering into married life as well 
as those long timers. May God protect your marriage…

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