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iTunes has a new feature on the iTunes Radio, first play. You can listen to an entire album before it is released. I listen to an album one week not realizing when I'd go back to listen again the next day it would be gone due to the release date. That's how I learned what all this was about. Now I wish I knew the name of that album. I really liked it. 

So often now I check to see what albums are on first play. 
Last weeks was Eric Clapton's new album, 
 Eric Clapton's & Friends, The Breeze
An Appreciation of JJ Cale

Call Me the Breeze
Rock and Roll Records (w/Tom Petty)
Someday (w/Mark Knopfler)
Lies (John Mayer)
Sensitive Kind (Don White)
Cajun Moon
Magnolia (John Mayer)
I Got the Same Old Blues (Tom Petty)
Songbird (Willie Nelson)
Since You Said Goodbye
I'll Be There (Don White)
The Old Man and Me (Tom Petty)
The Train to Nowhere (Mark Knopfler and Don White)
Starbound (Willie Nelson & Derek Trucks)
Don't Wait (John Mayer)
Crying Eyes (Christine Lakeland & Derek Trucks)

Let's just say, I really enjoyed hearing this new album, such rich history. It's release date was just in time for the remembrance of JJ Cale one year anniversary since his death. The album is a great tribute honoring JJ. The vocals are out stands along with the instruments. A true enjoyment!

The pre-order date was July 29th.

VH1 Classic to Premiere Full Documentary for The Breeze-An Appreciation of JJ Cale starting July 25th with an additional air time schedule. You can check the listing on JJ Cale website HERE.

Do you utilize first play on iTunes?
Are you an Eric Clapton fan?
What about JJ Cale fan?

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