DIY Tye Dye

We started with rubber bands around our t-shirts for a bulls eye look. This can be done by grabbing the middle of your t-shirt of choice and pulling it straight up. Start from that point working yourself toward the bottom places rubber bands approximately every inch. It's okay if one ends up a little further apart than the others. 

We then drenched each rubber band off section with a color dye of choice. If there's an open place in the section your working on spray dye in there too. Even squeeze the t-shirt from time to time letting the dye soak in. If you don't get enough on there you are going to end up with more white spots than colored. Which is okay but if you want a shirt full of color then work to make sure you drench each section in the color of choice. 

The girls and I made a shirt each which means three shirts in all were made.

We used a SEI Tumble Dye Neon kit from Hobby Lobby to make these tye dye t-shirts on one of our Fun Fridays this summer. 

From there we followed the instructions provided in the the dye kit. Which went a little something like the shirts hung to dry and then I washed as normal.

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