T-shirt bracelet DIY

 I used a coral orange sleeve cut out of a mens Hanes T-shirt from Walmart .

I pulled it apart! Once it was apart, I stretched it like no bodies business…stretch, stretch, stretch. 

Then tied the two ends together in a simple knot. Very easy…

Once tied, I made three loops (see additional pictures above). When I speak of loops thats how many times the material actually wraps around my wrist. My wrist is kinda small. Some may like only two loops. Also, you could before you tie it wrap around your arm to see just how many loops you could get and tie your knot close to that. If there's extra material hanging cut to your liking. Three loops for me is kinda tight. I really have to work to get it on, but love it once its in place on my arm.  

I find great joy in finding new purpose from pure scrapes. This can be a fun easy project for anyone. A T-shirt bracelet can add such color to any outfit and can be mixed nearly with any jewelry you might already have. You can dress it up or down. 

Keep this project in mind when tossing out old shirts! #pinme

Do you have old T-shirts you can cut up?
What's your diy with old clothes?
What's your favorite piece of jewelry?

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