A peek into my writing journal

Putting pen to paper, I started the writing process of "Under Contract". I am using a 7x10 Canson mix media journal. This type of journal can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, Micheals or online at any art material store. I don't know if you can see/notice in the picture above on the cover a rectangular box penned in the center. If so, that's my markings lining up my thoughts the size the book pages will actually be. I use this as my gage while writing. So I'll know when to start on a new page. 

I love the spiral bound. It's easy page turning. The pages are extremly durably thick which leaves room for less page wrinkling. 

Look at all those messy marks! First draft…a work in progress! #stillwriting #onpageninety

So slowly "Under Contract" is coming to life. That's one of the perks of self publishing you can pace yourself taking one step at a time. While you are still working on all your other timely projects raising a family. 

Here you can see my planning of "Under Contract". As well, I share a snipped what the story's all about towards the end of the post.

See where I started pen to paper here. 

Have you used a Canson journal before?
Have you self published?
What's you writing journal look like?
Have you read a novel in verse before?

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