Rock Painting

Fridays at The Murphy Lodge this summer consist of "fun friday". On these days we tried to come up with something fun of course. In honor of that I thought it would be fun to share on the blog today since it's Friday, "fun friday".

To twist things up a little, the rock painting, was actually done a Monday. Monday's were our Make Something Monday. One particular Monday early in the summer my youngest and I got on her John Deer riding looking for rocks. This nearly turned into a day long project for us. As you can tell below some took breaks in betweens painting. 

I fumbled through the cup of rocks we collect till I found what felt like perfect ones to me. I used the picture in the magazine shown for my color inspiration. 

She was more focused on painting the big rock she found in our back yard. 

And the number reason why of all times I don't get me nails done often. The Saturday before I went with a friend to get our nails done. It was a fun treat for just us mommas. Quickly turning into a painty mess. 

Our day ended with a rainy thunderstorm. 

Can you tell what her rock is?
Can you see my color pattern on my rocks goes with the magazine page? 

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