Meet the Turtles

Fred - top left
Pedal - top right
Engine - lower left
Sammy - lower right 

Aren't they just the cutiest little things you've ever seen!? 

These little guys don't sit still long for anything.

My attempt of capturing their under side shells was an absolute challenge. 

As you can see the one on the lower right, Sammy, in the top picture is ready to flip at any moment. They are like babies learning to flip from back to front. They can and will flip over in a blink of an eye. 

They are listed in order from who was found first to last! 

I am amazed at their spots on the under shells how some of the spots are exactly the same on one side as the other. Especially, look at Sammy, on the lower right. His are a perfect match. Almost like it was a sheet of paper with paint on one side then folded in half to duplicate the spots.  

They love swimming in the aquarium here at the Murphy Lodge. 

Can you tell who's who once flipped over?


  1. I love this, they are adorable. x


  2. Thank you so much Louise!!! Check back on up coming Thursdays to see more about them...