I finished it…

Well it happen not long after our return trip from New York. I finished reading A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman. Emily has inspired me pushing me forward many of days by just reading her words. As someone myself who is working on writing her second book, becoming a better blogger, ready to record her second online art class and create more art for her etsy shop reading A Million Little  Ways has been just what my soul needed at this season in my life.   

I have carried this book to
the orthodonist office 
the soccer field
on an airplane
sat many of days on my couch in the morning drinking my coffee after my devotion and daily reading helping me jump start my days of writing. I give a true A+ to this book and thank Emily for writing it. 

I love on page 33 her last words for the chapter "Let's follow the arrows to your soul." Those words did something inside me that sparked the little doodle, see above. I enjoy keeping a black pen with me while reading to underline, mark and doodle. That way when I finish reading a book, I can flip back through at times I might be looking for something or I am needing a moment to be inspired. Seeing my notes, underlining and doodles triggers and encourages my soul. My prayer is of thanks for all who go the extra mile daily to make art whether it be in your home daily, cooking, making a home, homeschooling, singing, writing, painting or your daily job outside the home. What you're doing matters and we need you! Push forward each day all smiles… #weallmakeart

Additional reading on my thoughts about this book can be read here.
And see just when I got it here.

Have you read A Million Little Ways?
Have you read another books by Emily P. Freeman?


In honor of Emily and her blog, Chatting At The Sky, I am going to share what I've learned this summer. Each month she share's what she has learned for the month. She took some time off from blogging so she combined the summer months together. Enjoy! 

It's extremely hot and humid in Mississippi.
My 87 year old grandfather is pretty good at texting.
Living with a high school graduate feels like such a relief.
I have better blog skills than I allow myself.
Cleaning the turtles bowl taking longer when you take pictures of each step.
Bats fly here at dark.
The Beef Jerky Outlet sales way more than just jerky.
My oldest daughter doesn't do well flying.
There's to many people in Times Square on a Saturday night for my comfort.
Watching your kids cook okra with their dad is really fun.
Painting sticks is really cool.
Summers almost over.
My youngest daughter looks cute with out her braces.
Rearranging your kids bedroom furniture can be a really cozy move, fresh, fun.
She Reads Truth is an amazing online Bible study.
Going through old pictures from 10 years ago can be fun, rewarding.
If you keep reading you will finish a book.
It's not to late to give/receive a graduation gift.
My dog does not like thunder.
It's okay to be told no.
My mailman's grandkids go to my kids school.
A walk from the Brooklyn Bridge to Empire State Building is a long walk.
Free fire works brings in all types of people.
You get home sooner than your postcards reach their sending destination. 

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