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It's no secret, I've started the writing of my second book (see here), "Under Contract". My first book, Daddy's Briefcase is non fiction. So writing, "Under Contract" has been different since it's fiction. It's really been a fun challenge. Almost like reading a really good book only you are writing it. From one day to the next, from one page to the next, I am uncertain what's going to happen next. I am always on my toes listening, waiting and writing.

I love a challenge as much as I love learning new stuff. With my self-taught personality, I tend to push right through new things I've set out to tackle.

The picture above shows the floor plan the story is based on.

The picture below shows a print out of the first few pages of writing "Under Contract". 

Almost two years ago, while traveling to New Orleans for a day trip, I used my iPad to type the first pages of "Under Contract". 

At the beginning of this summer, I had a sudden urge to continue the writing of "Under Contract". As slow to life as it was coming, I emailed the notes from my iPad to myself. At my desktop, I checked my emails printing the pages out. I could have continued writing on my iPad but really I was feeling the pen to paper way.

The picture above is me gathering my materials to continue the process of "Under Contract" coming to life. #notes #research #anotherfloorplan

 "Under Contract" is about a lady named Marcy Gene who's dream is to have an art studio of her very own. She suddenly realizes life is life, dreaming or not! #shelikestopray

Have you seen a house like this?
Can you believe I am writing book number 2?

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