You're going to want Jesus

Keeping up with some of the former bachelors and bachelorettes from time to time on instagram, I came across Sean Lowe's blog. Actually, I was looking at Nicks from last seasons bachelorette (Andi's season) instagram picture. He was a guest blogger on Sean's blog talking about why he brought up the fantasy suite on the after the finally rose. I got to looking around further on Sean's blog finding this video where he was asked by a preacher about being on the bachelor…

And let me just say this, your going to want Jesus! 


What I loved most about him being on the bachelorette was him still making time for his morning alone time in the word . While reading along with the Jesus Calling daily devotion out in the open other guys gathered around to hear Gods word. How amazing is that? I love it! #godisgood

"God shapes the way I think, the way I act, the way I view the world and how I treat others." ~Sean

You can read here on Sean's blog the full post this video was on. I really enjoyed it!

Do you watch the bachelor and/or bachelorette?
Do you want Jesus?

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