Come What May

A constant reminder to myself,
as a full time mom,
I have a huge job to master,
if something goes wrong in the future
for my children, I can't blame anyone else,
hubby is at work, and although we are in this together,
I am the one who is with them all day long!

So in an effort to accomplish this goal
of mine for my children, I push myself each day,
especially this summer, I made a vow to myself,
it would be better than the past, the job title
I hold can be very challenging...

On days we don't have something schedule, I tried
to produce something pretty much out of nothing,
this requires me to be fully in touch with myself,
if not, I would feel blue and have no energy or
desire to do the small stuff with my kids,
Tuesday was MOVIE DAY!

We scheduled a time the movie would be showing,
my oldest daughter made us movie tickets,
you should have seen the joy in her eyes
when I ask her to do this, children want to feel special,
something I didn't often feel as a child,
why? Long story for another day!

We popped popcorn, drinks of choice, napkins, straws, movie
all loaded on a tray.... off to the movie showing
here at 1:25...Come What May, watch the trailer.. check out behind the story, also.

A must see, no doubt, I loved it and so did my oldest daughter,
my younger one got lost from the start so she played
with her dolls, the joys of eight years age difference
between my kids.

Because the movie was so educational
many of times we hit rewind, as the oldest
ask questions, she easily confuses, twist things,
because I dealt with this as a child, knowing how it feels,
people mistake you as stupid,
I have trained myself through the years,
so there forth I am patient with her, and I help smooth
any questions out for her.

Have you seen this movie?
Did you watch the trailer?
Did you struggle as a child, often feeling stupid?
Do you have children far apart in age, why?
What do you do to keep from feeling blue?

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