Do you?

Do you ever look at others, think to yourself,
what's their story, what roads have they traveled,
were they painful, are they free now, are they at PEACE???

Do you think about that on the other side
of the world it's winter?

Do you return your shopping cart?

Do you have self image issues, from childhood?

Do you ever wonder if others lay in bed at night
and think of the same things you do?

Do you send a card to someone in the time of need,
even if it's three years later, six months, a year...?

Do you donate used books to the library?

Do you think of the cause of cancer?

Do you smile at the cashier, ask them how they are?

Do you think of being president one day?

Do you struggle with your weight?

Do you look at others and wish
you had what they have or could be
like them?

How do they do it?

For me I try to stay true to myself, worrying
about what others have lets me know I am not in touch with me
by learning from my past, not dwelling on it,
do I have bad days?, you better believe it! I pack up
and continue on, conditioning my mind heart body and soul...
from the one above!

Did I have bad days? yes...
Does it get better? yes...
Will it ever go away? no...

But I am at PEACE and I live FREE...

I save my time and engery so I will have time
for the small things in life, smiling at a cashier,
putting my shopping cart up, etc...

This has been such a random topic "DO YOU"
but I hope you know your not alone in this world,
you find peace!

until next time,

p.s. do you have any do you's to share...


  1. Daria, thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I love all my readers, hope you find something that inspires you here, you have inspired me, thanks for the comment!