To give or not to give???

Hubby ask me the another night
about my opinion in giving blood.

A friend of his little boy
is in need of blood,
although hubby isn't his blood type,
his donation can be used as a credit.

Should he give or not give?

My answer, YES, give!!!
two reasons...why
I have been touched by blood donations.

One, the day Daddy died,
he was giving blood to keep him alive
until I made it to the hospital,
I was able to tell him
"I love you"
words often not shared.

Can you imagine my grief process
if I would have not been able to tell him...

Two, in order to have my liver resection
in 2000, blood donations was a requirement.

Family, friends,and their friends all
donated blood for me.

Luckily, I didn't have to receive any,
but to know it was there was truly amazing,
as a safety measure on my behalf,
to the people who donated for me
words of thank you will never be enough...

Unfortunately, for me, now
I personally can't give blood.


This crazy thing called CANCER, a nasty monster.

Even though I am cancer free, remission, survivor
what ever you want to call me, it was liver cancer,
a main stream line for blood... so honestly I don't
consider myself cancer free, when my everyday life,
beyond blood donations, is affected...


Can you give blood?
Do you give blood?
Has blood been given on your behalf?

Are you a cancer related person,
what's your out look on blood donations...
I know in research, some cancer peeps can donate
depending on different things like type....
oh and what about organ donation....

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