Remembering MJ

Paying my respects to Micheal Jackson...

And once again a song speaks to me,
the first time I heard this song was on American idol
this year, by Kris Allen, idol winner,
even though my sister loved Micheal Jackson
growing up, when Kris was singing this, it spoke
to me, hearing of the loss of Micheal,
it was on for me.

We all have different out looks on people,
their music, what it means, but I usually soul
search through music, for what means something to me,

All I can here in this song is to look at the man
in the mirror for a change, this can't be done by one
person or persons, but by all of us, if we want to see change
for this generation and the generations coming.

So I consciously each day of my life try to think
outside the box, do my part in some way for a change,
this begins with in my home and back, to the point of
sharing my story, in hopes of giving others hope,
with a chance for others to see how
different things can and do effect us,
a overall outlook what can we do
to make a change and make it a better place...

I don't want to live my life as a bench warmer any longer...

What do you do to make a difference, a change or do you?

hugs to all,
ashley :)


  1. It's truly heart breaking ... I'm trying to make sense of why I'm so saddened by the news.

    I try to make a difference with my blog ... helping others as they go through the cancer journey.

  2. Thanks for posting your story. My son, Alex, who is 10 was dx shortly after Christmas this year with the fibrolamellar hepatocelluar cacinoma too. Our hearts are still breaking, but he has been such a trooper. Thanks again for sharing your inspirational story.

  3. Daria, I am right there with you on MJ, the loss of any one makes me sad! Even though he failed in some areas of his live at one point in time, we are all subject to failure, so I continue to look in the good in him, he inspired so many people, my sister back in the day was a fan of his!

    To Alex's momma, thank you so much for posting, what a brave person, I am glad you found inspiration in my story, although I know each one of our stories, diagnosis, is different, I hope you find the strenght to carrier on each day, know there is hope. Please come visit me, here, anytime, questions, I have met a few others with the same diagnosis, stage, treatment all different...hugs to you!

  4. I agree there is always hope. We thank God for the wonderful doctors who were able to find Alex's Dx early. I wanted to list his caring bridge page below in case you ever want to read his story.