A story that hit home, teen pregnancy

In 2005, I realized my cancer story
was a must tell, as a private person
this would become challenging,
in order to do so I knew I would have
to dig deep to include my background.

This would mean sharing me as a pregnant teen,
something I know, yes, is common,
but was still hard, even though it was from actions I chose.

Recently, I read an article in People magazine,
about teen pregnancy,
one of my favorite mags,
from a girl who is totally in the,
I guess you would say,
spot light, now....

Actually, she is a girl just like any one else,
her story hit home, a topic that will be discuss under my roof.
One my mother didn't with me,
but she trusted me,
just like this girls parents did!

It can happen, and does happen, I thought it couldn't!

Did someone discuss teen pregnancy with you?
How will you discuss it with your kids? Will you...
Were you a pregnant teen?
Has this topic touched your family?

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