DIY How to Paint a Fox

DIY How to Paint a Fox

What you will need:

a pencil
a eraser 
a pen
a mix media pad
a watercolor pad
watercolor palette
a piece of 3x3 cardboard
a picture of a fox
confident heart

(this post includes a video, see further below)

Pick your fox pictures out, I found mine on Pinterest. You many see one in a magazine, a kids book or google. It helps to look at something for inspiration. I really like the two fox in the above picture. 

clear your workspace
trace the 3x3 cardboard
study the fox picture/pictures you gathered
begin sketching out what you see
if you mess up, erase, sketch again
sketch over your sketch to define clearly
lightly erase your sketch (so you don't see it through your watercolor)
start in the upper section of the fox mix a few brown colors from your watercolor palette 
mix colors to your liking, remember you are the artist
yours will not look like mine or the person next to you
use those same brown colors around the outer parts of her ears
use a white to make a light tan to fill in the lower half of the fox face
use a dare brown for the a half of the inside of the ear
use the white for the other half of the inside of ear
dark brown for the nose
lite brown for mouth
black for eys
blue for glasses
you can use your pen to lightly outline (I did not)

Notice I didn't use my black pen to outline. This is something I usually do but I ran out of time. Can easily do it if you like or leave it as is. I kinda like mine without. 

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