Who's Bigger

Well, the pass several weeks we've had the pleasure of spending the day with each of these little green round guys. I figured it'd be fun today to share just what they all looked like lined up next to the yard stick in size. 

Fred - lower left picture above - he is the biggest one
Pedal - lower right picture above - he is the middle man, second to smallest
Sammy - upper left picture above - he is the smallest 
Engine - upper right picture above - he is the second biggest

Guess who got out of line first!? Yelp, that's Sammy! See picture below. Fred said, "hey man, where are you going". 

And again, Sammy's first to go!

Fred said, "forget it, I am going too". Silly turtles!!! 

 This is where it all began, Meet the Turtles.

Be on the look out soon for what they eat, the cleaning of their bowl, how they stay warm in the winter and more…

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