Fred's Day

Spend the day with Fred!

When I was younger say around sixth grade I had a turtle who looked just like Fred. We found him on our front porch one day. Mom let me bring him inside. Where he lived in a white bowl on a bookshelf in my room. I put rocks found from our street along with water in the bowl. He was such a fun guy to have around. By say the time I was in 9th or 10th grade he went to be with Jesus. Sad! But it happened…

Often I prayed I'd find another one like him. 

Many, many, many years later I did. Well, let me say this, my youngest daughter found him. It was towards the later part of spring, school was about to be out. She was playing down by the pool probably chasing our dog. I heard the back door burst open. "Mom"! When I went to see what was up she was holding a bright green turtle who looked just like mine from childhood. My eyes sparkled. "Oh, babe!" He was precious. 

(this was the very moment she showed me at our back door)

After sharing my story of my childhood turtle my daughter decided to honor him naming her turtle Fred also. My childhood turtles name was Fred. Can you believe that! Moments of memories formed right before my eyes. 

Fred lived in a small bowl on our back porch for a few days. My soul was not as brave as my mothers. I wasn't about to let that turtle in my house.

On to realizing we should get a bigger bowl for Fred.

Leave it to my daughter to encourage me to stop at Petsmart one day. She picked out a 9 gallon glass aquarium for him. It was perfect.

See how much he has grown and changed in color. He was so bright when we found him now his color has darkened. His spots on his under side have smeared somewhat. He's truly one of a kind.

Below are additional pictures from the day Fred was found.

Look how bright green he was!

Above is the picture I posted to Instagram that day.
Below are additional things that happened on that day.

(down by the lake)

(keeping the sun off her back as she reads)

(our afternoon bike ride)

(things I was on a mission for, notice the date, the day Fred was found)

If you haven't already, you might like to read Meet the Turtles from last Thursday. Check back next Thursday to see which turtle I am spending the day with. 

P.S. Fred is celebrating my birthday with me today!

Do you have a turtle?
What's his name?
Or have you had one before?

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