DIY Denim Wreath

What you will need:

a pair of jeans
a wire wreath frame

I purchased an 18 inch Ashland wire wreath frame from Michaels. Hobby Lobby carries this type of wreaths also and I am sure other craft store do also. The jeans I used where an old pair of the hubby's I'd been saving for just the perfect project. Cutting one of the legs off the pair jeans, I started this project. First trimming the end hem off the leg opening, I then started cutting strips of a half inch to an inch off (see picture below). You can really go with any size to your liking. Maybe play around cutting a few different sizes in width but I wouldn't cut to many samples because you might run out before your project is complete. Unless you have a ton of additional denim jeans laying around then go for it. 

Once I cut several of the strips I then cut along the side hem. Cutting enough strips then in half to tie 9 spaced out around the wreath. I choose to do this for stability as well as not wanting to have all my denim pieces tied on as the same length. (see picture below) 

So the pieces of denim space out in the picture above are the only ones I cut in half. Once I spaced them out, I then begin tying the rest in whole strips like the middle picture above this context. Whole meaning I only cut the side hem of the strip. Which ended up making for longer daingley looking pieces of denim all the way around. The look for me was perfect. This project can easily be inspired to tweak to your liking.  

Quick review:

get a wire wreath
get a pair of jeans
cut leg off of jeans
cut several strips of denim
tie denim strips all the way around wire wreath

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