Shampoo For Curly Hair

Shea Moisture

Last year close to Christmas, I was shopping at our local Target. One of my favorites stores by far, on an end cap aisle there was a new shampoo being advertised. When I saw it was for thick curly hair with coconut oil I was in. Coconut oil has become key for a lot, I even saw a book written the other day geared straight towards coconut oil. Anyways, anti frizz was next of notice and what curly head doesn't need anti frizz!? In the buggy these little new puppies went! I am a sucker for new stuff to a degree. Budget, timing, taste, feel, look and more must pass my test before I do plunge for a new trial. 

Seriously, I was in love. Now keep in mind my mother is a former hair dresser. So she knows all the deals on ways to save on big gallons of shampoos, when to watch for sales and where to buy. In fact, I was on a pretty good system with gaining her knowledge through the years. So for me to buy shampoo at the local target was kinda out of the norm for me. 

I even skipped on back down to Target and grabbed these babies! Restorative! My hair was majorly dry. Thirsty! Raw Shea Butter everyone knows is key, right! 

Let me just say when I went back the end aisle cap display was gone. My first response was to peek my head down the aisle next to it. The first thing I saw on the shelf was the Shea Moisture products. So, I grabbed what I was looking for, Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo. Pushing the buggy a little further down to go on bout my shopping my eyes glanced back and forth at what was on the remaining of the aisle. Surprised to see the Shea Moisture products where located on the aisle where I believe most african American girls shop. Let me next say by no means am I racist. Only stating the obvious from how the store had the products set up. So please hear me again, I am NOT racist. However, I wish all man kind to know about these hair products. Further more in the months following noticing other stores picking these products up they are place on the same type of aisle. For anyone looking, look on the aisle where the african products are. I've seen them at Target, Walmart, Sally's and Walgreens. Most white girls don't look on these type of aisles. I know this white girl hasn't. And for all you curly hair girls and boys no matter your race check this stuff out. I am thinking we've been missing out on the secret to curly hair care all these years. 

I want to be Shea Moisture's white girl model!

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